lunes, 4 de febrero de 2013



Everyone dreams of doing something important in their lifes and get to fulfill their dreams. Personally, I just think that the most important thing in my life is to live as if every moment that passes were the last. The truth is that I believe that I have never had a crazy experience as amazing as others may have. Only consider myself a girl wanting to have new experiences, I am one of those people who are snapping up opportunities to do something unique.
Maybe terrifies me a little the idea of riding on a simple roller coaster but, when I do it I want to repeat again and again, and so on. Living every moment of that extreme of unlimited adrenaline.
Some people said that the last year, 2013, the world was ended. Who knows? But if it had been  true, I' have go up in the attractions until this bore me, I'd have practice every sport I don't know and, especially, I'd have jump in parachute to take a nice picture of my surroundings. Something  I want to do before my last days arrive.

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